Snapchat is helping make QR codes cool again

Image: carl court/getty images QR codes are dead, an online marketing strategist composed in AdAge in 2013. The killer: “easier-to-use apps.” And yet, 4 years later on, that isn’t really the case. Apps have actually ended up being a lot more maybe easier-to-use and common, however Facebook and Snapchat, 2 of these most-frequently-used apps, are […]

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How to go to startup school for an unbelievable price

Image: pixabay Just to let you understand, if you purchase something included here, Mashable may make an affiliate commission. Got a million dollar concept however no other way to make it a truth? Its time to return to school and get your start-up education. Now you might be believing, Don’t most start-up wunderkinds leave of […]

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