December 19, 2017
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Interactive map links to destination videos for visitors

Add / Remove There is only so much you can tell about a place from the description in a guide book. We have already seen a Turkish startup offer potential visitors remote smartphone tours from locals, and now TripGlimpse is also enabling tourists to preview their destination via an interactive map and curated video footage. TripGlimpse is an online platform consisting of an interactive map and a database of video content. Prospective travelers can browse the map for a city they are interested in. Once they have chosen one, they click on it and are shown a more detailed map, with videos placed according to geolocation. Each icon links to a YouTube video and is accompanied by a short description of the landmark. There are also interactive links to videos of hotels, so that users can preview potential accommodation and seamlessly book one that they like the look of. How else could video be used to help people preview experiences? Website: Contact: The post Interactive map links to destination videos for visitors appeared first on Springwise.


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