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I get asked on a regular basis for recommendations on tools I’m using and where to find a resources. That’s what inspired me to start a blog.  As I test and use business & marketing tools in my business, I will add them here.

Disclaimer: Some tools I recommend pay an affiliate referral commission and some do not. I will NEVER recommend a tool that I have not personally sussed out.

I will always be adding new tools that I trust, updating previous recommendations, and deleting outdated software…

Your Online Cockpit: GSuite

After more than 15 years of being a Microsoft bigot, I switched from MS Outlook to Google and its Cloud Based Services in 2012 and NEVER looked back. What was originally called Google Apps For Work became Google for Business and has been recently renamed simply GSuite. Bottom line…the best $10 a month you’ll spend.  Set up your custom email address on Gmail, save and share all your business docs, spreadsheets, Powerpoints with your partners and team members in the cloud, gain powerful calendaring services. Just get it!

Learn more about GSuite here…

Top Lead Capture/Funnel Builder: Click Funnels

I've tested and trialed over 20 page-builders over the years. I wasted alot of time and money. All I can say is...ClickFunnels ROCKS! Everything about the platform is superior to anything else available. Some call it the Cadillac of the industry because of it's price point ($97/mo). I say that you NEED to be driving a Caddy if you want to be seen as a successful person, right???  ClickFunnels BY FAR is the best choice for anyone serious about a long term future online. Period.

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Top Email AutoResponder: AWeber

The Grandaddy of the industry...over the years I've been persuaded to integrate with other email autoresponder services...MailChimp, Get Response, SendLane, etc. I've done it with regret because my AWeber services is by far the easiest, most reliable and provides the best service. Yeah...there are other services that offer more bells and whistles. But most marketers can make millions with AWeber and don't worry about the fancy features.

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Top Login/Password Management: LastPass

The best way to manage passwords.
Just remember your master password and LastPass remembers the rest.

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