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This is my personal branding website where i share my thoughts, feelings and express my opinions about the wild and woolly world of home based entrepreneurship. I’ve been addicted to entrepreneurship my whole life and  absolutely love being an internet marketer, business coach, mentor and generally helping other people get out of their own way to taking the steps necessary to achieve the kind of success I’ve been blessed to create…i had to get out of my own way first.

About Dana Ehrlich

Above all else. I’m an adoring wife to my life partner Mati (I did the marriage thing once and it was a disaster). What we have works, so why mess with it, right?), caregiver to my 87 year old mother who has advanced stage dementia, macular degeneration, spinal stenosis and requires my time (I’m the youngest of 3, and I’m so grateful to have the freedom to be there for her!), mom to 3 of the sweetest dogs – Lucy, a Toy Poodle, 2011-09-18 17.35.04 Manni – a Toy Aussie Shepard), and Prada – an English Bulldog). 

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2016-04-30 17.27.56– I know….a funny lot!

I work full time from home in my top tier digital marketing business with 3 core ‘big ticket’ programs and multiple streams of passive income from recommending the cream-of-the-crop affiliate-based tools, technologies and marketing products in the internet marketing space. I don’t promote it unless I use it myself. 

There’s nothing that fuels me more than teaching and inspiring others to leverage
the incredible business models, systems, tools and technologies available
to help us all create ‘massive passive’ income.

I have lots of passions in life- organic gardening, cooking, fine dining, great red wine, film, and traveling. When I’m not working I am enjoying one or more of my passions or hanging out with my family. We have regular family meals and all collaborate and come together with a gourmet feast.

My day-to-day is spent Business Coaching and Sales Training in Top Tier Direct Sales with high ticket offers (digital eLearning products from $2000 to $30K). The companies I represent are the best in class in top tier 100% commission member-to-member direct sales as well as in the done-for-you affiliate-based category. My current bet is on Digital Altitude which has a goal to be the No.1 Online education company for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  After having watched too many people fail in Top Tier Direct Sales, I believe that Digital Altitude’s marketing system and sales system addresses the key failure points of most ‘Online Affiliate Marketing’ businesses.

How did it all start?

In 2012 I stepped into the world of Internet Marketing selecting a Top Tier Direct Sales business model as the smartest choice to replace my 6 figure income in residential real estate. Life threw me a curve ball when my mother took a bad fall and I needed to step away from real estate to care for her. It was a blessing, really. I had been hungry to find a business vehicle that would  allow me to leverage my time and money and I had to have the flexibility to work from home to be available for my mother Gloria.

The decision to jump into Top Tier Direct Sales made financial sense because I understood the compensation structure and could see the leverage in the business model. And when I compared the start up costs of a ‘bricks and mortar’ business or a franchise business, it was not only significantly less but infinitely more powerful. I knew enough about Direct Sales but very little (actually nothing) about Internet Marketing or the new knowledge and skills I would have to develop but I believed in myself and my ability to ‘figure it out’, especially since I was seeing all kinds of people with much less experience (and much less integrity) than me making a fortune in Top Tier.

In the next two years, despite what I call “the good, the bad and the ugly”, I became an industry leader, coach, speaker and marketing trainer… “first you learn, then you do, then you teach!” .

Since then, my business partner and I have successfully launched 3 internet-based businesses in the top tier space and will never look back. No offense to MLM, but top tier is where it’s at.

So… can anyone have success in this business model? The answer is MAYBE… and for one reason only. You need to do whatever you need to do to achieve the goals that are meaningful to you. That is what all successful people do in any business…or personal endeavor, for that matter.

I’ll pass this quote along from my mentor: “Finding success in top tier direct sales is not about building a business…it’s about building people”. So if you are someone that has a strong purpose and desire to help others succeed in a lucrative and rewarding career, top tier could be your ticket….it certainly has been mine.

I live in Beverly Hills, California and work from a private home office that overlooks my organic garden. My dogs sleep around me all day long. My foodie fix can be handled anytime of the day with a 12 second commute to the fridge, and I end just about every work night with an episode of Game of Thrones and a glass of red wine.

THAT’S what I call my perfect lifestyle.

What does yours look like?

Are you living it now?