Kudos to this dude who wore the same shirt in every school photo for 7 years

The developmental middle and high school years are a fun time to discover exactly what you’re enthusiastic about. For Justin Taylor , among those things was a Billabong tee shirt, which he used for each of his school images in between twelfth and 6th grade.

Taylor, who’s now the Global Director of Digital Marketing at Nike Basketball, tweeted the extremely trendy photographic proof on Monday.

Check out this web surfer elegant appearance, y’ all:

” When I was a kid, enjoying browsing was very cool and exactly what all the cool kids enjoyed,” Taylor stated by means of Twitter DM. “But the cool clothing to use were pricey, so my moms and dads headed out and purchased me a couple of things, including this t-shirt.”

Understandably, Taylor desired his cool brand-new t-shirt to be front and center, so he used it for his 6th elementary school image. The next year, he coincidentally used it once again so he simply chose to keep the entire thing goin’ till senior year.

Now, the web is delighting in both his dedication to the bit and his hairdo journey throughout the years. (That gel!)

And, yes, the t-shirt still fits. As they state in Point Break, browsing’s the source, male … swear to god.