Big Profit System – Is It REALLY a 100% Done For You Program?

Today marks 7 weeks since I made the decision to focus all of my immediate marketing attention on Big Profit System. WOW, has it paid off!


Big Profit System

The screenshot above was taken this morning in my Big Profit System back office. 7 Direct sales in 7 weeks! I’d say we are off to a fantastic start with this incredible program.

I can’t wait to post my results again at the end of January because I know how much great business is already in the pipeline.

But the MOST important thing I want to point out is that
4 of the 7 members that have joined Big Profit System
within the last 7 weeks, HAVE ALSO MADE SALES!!!

And the only reason the other 3 have not? One just kicked off his marketing and the other two just joined!

I was previously promoting a very well known innovative Top Tier program and was have crazy success with it. But the problem was that a very small percentage of people could duplicate my success.

Why? Because building a business that generates an executive level income requires alot more than most people are willing to put in. I tell the honest truth in this video:

This program goes beyond duplication…it’s based on simplicity!


I have to come clean and admit that I still lurk on the live phone calls that take place to promote the previous program I was marketing. On this morning’s call, the host boasted that the program offers 17 live training and support calls each week.

That all sounds fantastic to a newbie who is desperately trying to find a top tier program and get the needed support.

Here’s the real rub: the reason the program needs to provide so many live training and support events is BECAUSE IT’S NOT SIMPLE. There’s alot to learn to become successful in typical 1-up top tier programs.

In my 4+ years working from home, I have spent hundreds of hours training a supporting people, many of whom could not get out of their own way to succeed.

Whose fault is it when a newbie quits their own business?

I say it’s the program’s fault!

Every single top tier program – Business Success Alliance, TiDOM, Turbo Wealth Solutions, MOBE, Digital Altitude, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle — every one of them promotes the simplicity and automation.

And not one of them offers a true 100% Plug and Play “Done For You” business-in-a-box.

Now enter Big Profit System. They guarantee passive income but does it truly work?

If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know that I don’t market any home based business model unless I know that it works from first-hand experience. So I’ve been testing this program to make sure it was what the program owners promote it to be before doing any sort of big marketing blitz.

The ‘secret sauce’ in the Big Profit System top tier model is that it is a completely passive income opportunity. What does that mean to you? You are not required to talk to friends or family and try to get them into your ‘deal’.

No dreaded phone calls from people asking: “So, how much money have you made with this thing?”

The key differentiator for Big Profit System from all the other Top Tier programs different than anything that I’ve done before is the way it’s setup. You simply order your postcard or SMS broadcast 100% Done For You campaign, and the coaches do the rest. They followup with your leads by phone, SMS, and email to make sure that every one of your serious prospects gets their questions answered.

You earn 50% commission on every sale that the coaches close FOR YOU!

Literally, all you have to do is wait for the checks to come in the mail!

I thought this might be too good to be true. That was until I received my first check in the mail today. And I have two or three more checks on the way. If you’ve been looking for a completely passive income opportunity that won’t interfere with anything else you’re doing, this is truly it. Or, maybe you’ve been struggling in network marketing and won’t any easier way. I personally like the fact that I have one income stream that requires no work on my part and let’s me focus on my other businesses. And Big Profit System is quickly matching the income of my other business opportunities.

No kidding….if I had been able to build a top tier program from the ground up, removing every single barrier to success that’s part of virtually every single 1-up top tier program…I would have built it to completely reflect what the BPS co-creators have already put together.

So why re-invent the wheel? I jumped right in!

I encourage you to take a look at the Big Profit System and contact my Success Coach with your questions. You’ll witness first-hand how high integrity and professional this opportunity is and how well it works. I’m so glad that I jumped on board. 2017 is going to be an amazing year!!

Have a look here:

If you have questions about Big Profit System, you are welcome to reach out to me, but keep in mind, they system and coaches do all the work for you. So visit the website first and speak to a coach for details.

See you AT the top, NOT from the top!

Dana Ehrlich

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