Big Profit System Review – New Scam or A Life-Changing Business Model?

If you are looking for a critical non-biased review on
Big Profit System, you won’t find it here!

As of this writing, I have a 100% bias TOWARDS  the newest Top Tier Program – Big Profit System.



In this post, I will be reviewing this brand new Top Tier Direct Sales company, its products, its compensation plan, its sales funnel and examining whether or not Big Profit System is a business that will create true personal and financial freedom…because you know, that this is what all Top Tier Direct Sales programs promise.

First, let me take a step back and share a bit about what Top Tier Direct Sales (or as some refer to them: Big Ticket or Get Paid Today programs) actually are and how they differ from other online or home based business models.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM)/Network Marketing
MLM and Networking Marketing models are the most widely known because they are amongst the oldest style of non-traditional business. But the success rate has historically been very low because it typically takes 2-4 years to reach any type of decent monthly income. I’m making a blanket statement that all MLM comp plan variations- whether Unilevel, Compression, Roll up, Binary, Directors Check Match, etc.- the bottom line is that pretty much all MLM and Networking Marketing pay plans yield lousy returns for most novices.

I feel safe to claim that in over 90% of MLM and Network Marketing programs, it takes anywhere from 5,000-10,000 reps in your downline to produce sufficient group monthly volume to achieve a 5 figure monthly income.

Guess what? There is no quick way to add 5,000-10,000 people to your team quickly! You have to rely on team duplication within your downline and that takes time to build.

Even a great MLM recruiter will spend 2 to 3 years to get there.

Online/Internet Marketing
You just have to love the appeal of the Internet Marketing business model. There are more than 3 Billion (with a big B) people connected online across the globe today, and the idea that you can develop a great product and sell to that audience and have money coming in 24/7 on autopilot is beyond intoxicating…..

Ah…but here’s the rub… online marketing is hard, VERY VERY hard and VERY technical.

Even if you go the route of affiliate marketing (Selling stuff on amazon, eBay, etc.) there is a steep learning curve and the average online marketer probably makes only a few hundred to a few thousand dollars or so a year.

Top Tier Direct Sales – Big Ticket – Get Paid Today
Top Tier Direct Sales has been primarily an offline business model for more than 30 years now. This business model, while sometimes mistaken for being an MLM or network marketing business model, has taken the home based business industry to an entirely new level because of a few critical tweaks.

Top Tier Direct Sales entry levels are higher & the commissions are bigger.

With Top Tier Direct Sales, you usually have entry levels that are higher (some going to $20,000 or more) and you get paid a lot larger percentage of the sale, in some cases even 100%.

So if you have a Top Tier Direct Sales company where the average sales are $3,000 to $6,000 or more and you make 100% on each sale….

Get the sailboat ready because YOU are retiring to the Bahamas……

The Top Tier Plug & Play Business Model
Two features I love about the Top Tier Direct Sales business model are:
1. the business model is simple and as such easier to duplicate success in, and
2. most Top Tier Direct Sales companies usually have some type of an integrated Plug & Play marketing system.

Now in the 5 years I have been coaching and mentoring people in the Top Tier Direct Sales business, the biggest reason I have seen new members fail is that the average person has no clue how to set up a business for success, market, and generate leads for their business.

But guess what? If you integrate a simple marketing system (that works) into your business model, that makes the business Plug & Play just like many companies do in the franchise industry, then you have a home run.

A simple business model with high profit products, huge demand, a Done For You marketing system that can pour leads into a new members inbox, AND a Success Coach that will close ALL of your sales FOR YOU, then you have the makings of a Grand Slam home run!

This explains the increased popularity of the Top Tier Direct Sales, but certainly a lesser known business model, in general.

Is Big Profit System Better Than MLM?
When many people that have had experience in traditional MLM’s are first exposed to Top Tier Direct Sales, there is an instant attraction. It’s as if the blindfold has been lifted and they are absolutely shocked that there is really a faster, easier, more profitable way to earn big money from home.
At some point, they realize there is a myth to the residual income promise of MLM that is not commonly recognized: its GOES AWAY if you stop business building and recruiting.

Slowly but surely attrition eats your team up from the inside and your residual income disappears.

This is why you see top earners in MLM constantly business building. They have to do so to maintain their rank in the compensation plan to earn residual income.

I’m not bashing the traditional MLM/Network Marketing business model here. I love MLM as a business model. It’s just that in my experience, it’s not as good as Top Tier Direct Sales.

Now that I’ve covered the basics about the Top Tier Direct Sales Model, let me rant about the latest do all, kill all, to enter the market…

Big Profit System – We Make Your Sales – Top Tier Direct Sales Model

Big Profit System Origins
Big Profit System was launched quietly a few months ago and immediately attracted a pretty big following of high-minded, experienced Top Tier marketers.

Big Profit System was started by a trio of super sharp, super high integrity Top Tier Direct Sales entrepreneurs who each cut their teeth in Big Ticket Direct Sales programs more than 10 years ago. Before becoming Program Owners, they were massively successful marketers in their own right, each earning as much as $50,000 per month in their respective businesses. 

They designed a unique Top Tier business model which includes the abandonment of the “1-Up” requirement in exchange for a 50/50 compensation model where a BPS Success Coach literally does everything for you.

This business model is being embraced quickly by prospects that review a short 20 minute video and then contact a Success Coach who answers questions and explains the sheer simplicity of the business models where new members can simply plug into a 100% Done-For-You business within an existing and proven business model.

Through the implementation of simple yet innovative refinements in automation and marketing, Big Profit System members are finding their average sales between $3,000 & $6,000 with no more than just a few hours a week of work.

Big Profit System Products
Big Profit System has followed a tried-and-true strategy by utilizing digitally delivered (web-based content) information products as their product line. The website lists an impressive review of their digital product packages that range from personal growth to business development to online/internet marketing.

When you start your business with Big Profit System at a certain level you get 2 things:
1. You get the digital education/information products that are included with that particular membership level for you to personally utilize and ‘consume’.
2. You also get resale rights to those products so you can go back out and market those Big Profit System products and earn 50% commissions, averaging $3,000-$6,000.

Here’s where it gets exciting, though…just as in MLM and Network Marketing business models, you can also focus on business-building rather than finding customers to sell vitamins to. What I mean by this is that, with BPS, in effect, you can market the business opportunity rather than market the product.

Let’s be honest about this…the bottom line of why people want a home based business of their own – especially a Network Marketing or a Top Tier Direct Sales business – is the opportunity to make big money.

Very few successful home business entrepreneurs focus on marketing products. They all focus on marketing a business opportunity. The products become secondary…important and vital to the viability of the business…but secondary.

Big Profit System Compensation Plan
Big Profit System is structured as a membership-based program with 5 levels of membership and 5 corresponding Information Product packages available for sale/resale.

In many cases, in a Top Tier Direct Sales Model, the company will collect the sales revenue and then cut commission checks to the associates which puts the company in control of paying out the commissions.

This for many reasons is not a good business model for YOU as the member…if the company is not reliable or heaven forbid they are really bad at business, then there is the risk that you may not receive your hard-earned commissions.

However, with digital delivery of products, a 100% Done-For-You business and marketing system, 50/50 commission split with your Success Coach, which Big Profit System has, the money does not go through the company. The 50% comes directly from the buyer to the referring member. You are in control of your income and you do not have to wait for the company to pay you.

I have to tell you there is nothing like the thrill of making a $12,000 sale and then having a (approximately) $6,000 cashier’s check in your hands the next day!

We all love immediate gratification, and Big Profit System gives it to you.

How Does Big Profit System Make Money?
The Founders are Success Coaches and they receive the other 50% of each sale they close for members. There is also a small one-time admin fee (under $300) for each new member who joins which covers costs with marginal profit to the program owners.

Some may feel that a 50% take is unreasonable. Heck, I’ve been working 100% commission programs in Top Tier since 2012, and I was a professional Realtor for 10 years before starting my home based business and received 80% of the commission on my sales.

So how is it that I have come to recommend and promote a program that pays 50%?

This is a short landing page video I shot to share with my current list members my decision to promote Big Profit System for 2017 and beyond…please watch it because it explains alot…

Enter the Top Tier ‘We Make Your Sales’ Business Model……

In the world of Top Tier programs – whether it be TiDOM, Turbo Wealth Solutions, Business Success Alliance, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, or Exitus Elite – you, as the new member are in business for yourself. That means you must be ready to do the full body of work necessary to market, sell, follow up, and close your sales.

While YOU might be someone that’s reading this and saying:”Yeah, Dana, I’ve had my own business before and I know how to do all of that”, that’s all fine and good. But understand that you are one of less than 10% of people who have what it takes to start, build and scale a REAL business.

MOST people who are searching for a home based business to hunker down in who may be reading this probably fall into another camp. Maybe you’ve tried home business in the past and failed. Maybe you have a job and/or a demanding family/personal life and don’t have the time to devote to a home business. Or maybe you’re in another camp and you will be the first to admit you don’t have the temperment to be on the phone, following up with prospects. Or yet another camp could be a ‘poverty mindset’ or unsupportive family and friends.

Any of the above can and will interfere with
your ability
to achieve success.

With Big Profit System’s “We Make Your Sales” business model, we are seeing a much much higher degree of success for more people than in any other Top Tier Direct Sales program I’ve been part of.

And that’s because the Done-For-You approach allows regular people to plug in and start seeing results and earning profits immediately.

In Big Profit System, everyone makes money and everyone is happy.


The Big Profit System Compensation Plan
Now most people who join a business model like this really think all the money comes from the front end sales but that is not necessarily so with Big Profit System. In fact, in just my first 30 days, I received $3,000 (two $1500 commissions) that came as upgrades from existing customers. And since my Success Coach handled everything – contact with the member, arrangement of the payment, closing them on why the upgrade made sense, this income came to me with ZERO effort on my part.

And as an FYI…in both cases, each new member already had prospects ready to join at a level above them within their first week of joining! How’s that for motivation to upgrade and a true testimonial for how well the BPS system works!

The compensation plan Big Profit System uses is a powerful twist on traditional Top Tier Direct Sales comp plan. I’ll spare you the written details…nothing can explain it better than this video. 

Is Big Profit System A Panacea?

The biggest question on your mind right now is probably one of these:
1. Is the money for real in Big Profit System?
2. Is Big Profit System a scam?
3. Can I make money with Big Profit System?

The answers in order:
1. Yes. Big Profit System is a real business, and yes people are making real money. If you watched my video above, you can see my proof. I’m happy to connect you with others who are doing the same.
2. No. Big Profit System is not a scam. Exceptional value is exchanged for money and the Top Tier Direct Sales business model has been around for over 30 years.
3. Yes. You can make money with Big Profit System. Big time.

Big Profit System: My Final Analysis

It’s no secret that I favor Top Tier Direct sales models like Big Profit System for what I call “the right now”, big ticket direct sales income. Over the last several years I have promoted various businesses. After all, I’m an entrepreneur, and I have the freedom to choose any business(es) that I think have merit.

I consider myself a business person and a marketer first and foremost. Therefore, I don’t feel that I am ‘married’ to any one company or business opportunity. And frankly, multiple streams of income is ultimately the way to build any long-term home based business. So when I find a solid business model that meets all my criteria for me to invest my marketing time and resources, I can’t help but add it to my portfolio.

Should You Join Big Profit System?
Well I already have, so the answer to this question is a resounding YES, of course you should! I would do it ten times over again if given the opportunity. I only wish Big Profit System had been created years ago!

Let’s add it all up:
-Top notch products delivered digitally (read: no inventory/shipping)
-Exceptionally well-designed internal systems and websites
-Highly profitable 50/50 comp plan
-Average sale $6,000-12,000 with average commission of $3,000-6,000
-New for 2017 Program momentum
-Very experienced Success Coaches handling ALL of the contact, communication, and closing of your prospects
-Done For Your marketing packages that will get your business started on Day 1

So What’s The Attraction to Big Profit System?

What has caused Big Profit System to act like a magnet for members in other Top Tier Direct Sales programs?

Is it just because it’s new?

That’s part of it…

In the world of home based business opportunities the newer opportunities always generate more excitement. You get to take advantage of that additional “New Deal for 2017” momentum that’s being generated.

Big Profit System has a brief (20 minute) but exceptionally concise video presentation that tells the entire story


Is Big Profit System a Sure Bet?
Will a new program with a powerful business model twist where a heavy-hitter is closing every single one of your sales, with a no-hype, straight-talk video presentation, that also pays big commissions make you successful even if you have never been successful in a home based business before?

Maybe yes…maybe no….
Many times people who have not been successful in a home business yet quickly jump to a new opportunity searching for a quick fix to their sluggish success.

A powerful program by itself can influence your success, for certain! As long as you stay consistent and persistent in your business building efforts, anything is possible in Top Tier Direct Sales.

In virtually all of the other Top Tier programs I referred to earlier in this post, there is a heavy reliance on Training, Team and Support. Having the right sponsor in literally every other program out there is another real factor that will really make or break your success. As you’ll see and hear when you watch the 20-Minute Big Profit System Business Presentation, this Top Tier program is uber simple so members are NEVER bogged down with the time suck of watching dozens of training videos and attending regular weekly trainings and webinars. 

With Big Profit System, a Success Coach closes EVERY SINGLE sale FOR YOU which means that you don’t need to worry about your prospects ‘sponsor shopping’ or getting the needed support from your Referrer. You just run your lead generation campaigns and sit back and let your coach do the rest.

Talk about TRUE time freedom!

All I can say is get in, get to work, and above all else NEVER take your eyes off your goal!

For more information about the Big Profit System business model, click here

And I hope to see you AT the top, not FROM the top!





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