Is TiDOM Just Another Business Opportunity?

TiDOM celebrated its first year in business last month with no let up in opportunity for serious business professionals.



I have been working top tier direct sales programs since 2013 when I retired from my corporate career in real estate.

My partner and I were invited to join TiDOM during pre-launch in July of 2015 and haven’t looked back.

While the previous Big Ticket program we were working was yielding good results, the difference with TiDOM is quite dramatic.

TiDOM is really a ‘Digital Franchise’, and has literally created a new category in the home-based business industry.

I recently wrote an extremely candid blog article that you can read here:
==> TiDOM Review By Elite Marketing Alliance Co-Founder.

Top tier direct sales business opportunities are gaining tremendous ground in the home-based business industry, and TiDOM has set itself apart from all the other 100% commission programs by positioning itself as a ‘Digital Franchise’.

The reason serious business professionals and entrepreneurs are attracted to TiDOM and our team, in particular (called Elite Marketing Alliance) is because of the innovative nature of our positioning.

Not to mention that building and scaling a top tier business to $10,000-$20,000 per month is easier than building pretty much any other type of home-based business model – whether it be MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing, cash gifting, etc.

The bottom line is this…

10,000 Baby Boomers PER DAY are being retired out of Corporate America and are not ready to retire – mentally or financially. What a ‘Digital Franchise’ offers retiring and soon-to-retire Baby Boomers is a viable ‘exit strategy’ that ensures a great income in a business that you don’t need to slave in.

That’s one of the biggest plusses about the TiDOM Digital Franchise business model is that the AUTOMATION of the SYSTEM allows us to work very part time hours to generate a healthy 5-figure monthly income.

Not to toot our horns, but our best month to date in TiDOM was $149,500, with typical months providing a VERY solid 5 figure, 100% profit-based cashflow.

The biggest reason for our huge success in TiDOM?


Our Elite Marketing Alliance team provides the ENTIRE marketing system, live training, live chat support, a massive knowledgebase, training archives, a support community, and an extremely innovative approach to supporting members in not only having success in TiDOM, but to build multiple streams of passive, residual income.

If you are curious to learn more about what separates us and you are searching for a solid home-based business opportunity in a BRAND NEW class of its own, click here to watch our 2-Step Elite Marketing Alliance Business Overview with TiDOM as the engine that powers our business.

Learn about the greatest home-based business on the PLANET!


UPDATE January 1, 2017:
While TiDOM continues to be a leader in the high ticket industry, newer and more effective business models were launched in 2016 that ensure the success of greater numbers of ‘newbies’ to the home business industry. In late November, 2016, I began marketing efforts to promote Big Profit System. I shot this video as my initial testimonial:




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