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Are ready to take your Internet marketing ambitions to the next level?

Digital Altitude

Do you want to tap into a 100% autopilot done-for-you system that will deliver automated income streams to you on a regular and consistent basis?

Whether you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing and online business or you’ve already had you feet wet for years, here’s a new program you might want to consider.

In today’s Digital Altitude Review, I’m going to give you a look at not only at how the program works, but more specifically about how it has the potential to empower people to earn six figures a month, working less than 10 hours a week.

Reinventing Ourselves

My business partner and I have been working in the top tier direct sales space for a combined total of over 8 years. Because we were coachable and followed what our sponsors told us to do, we’ve been able to build an incredible business that has relied exclusively on offline methods of lead generation – voice broadcasting (mainly), postcard marketing, talking to warm market (yuk).

We will never abandon our tried and true offline systems that continue to yield a good ROI. But we have put a stake in the ground and decided that our long term future lies in Internet Marketing….thus our new association with Digital Altitude.

We may be new to DA, but we are certainly not new to marketing and business. My partner Walter and I have always relied on our instincts in business, and BOTH our instincts are telling us that Digital Altitude represents a massive opportunity for anyone looking to accomplish a REAL Laptop Lifestyle.

The program had its hard launch in February 2016, and within it’s first 6 months, already has members generating crazy five figures. How is that possible? THE SYSTEM.

THE top earner in Digital Altitude is a marketer that goes by “Mack”…maybe you’ve heard of him if you’ve been making your way around the internet marketing ‘scene’. Mack’s claim to fame is that he did $200,000 in MOBE earnings based on just two emails and he made 1 million dollars in affiliate commissions with Empower Network. Mack knows his stuff and now he’s all over Digital Altitude.

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Digital Altitude has been built from scratch on a $1 Million budget. It is a clean, professional program that any marketer would be proud to promote.

As with most top tier business models, it consists of several levels (called an ascension model); each successive level provides increasingly lucrative commissions as well as increased value, getting as high as $12,600 on a single sale.

Ascending to New Heights

The way the funnel is structured is not only brilliant, but extremely powerful. The first level is called Aspire and it starts with a $1 trial period. For a grand whopping $1, you get access to the system for 14 full days. What I mean by full system is that you literally become a ‘product of the product’ you will be promoting. You get access to a personal coach for one-on-one coaching and support, plus a wealth of business training videos conducted by the founder of Digital Altitude, Michael Force.

When the 14-day period expires, you have the option to stay on for $37/month and can start earning 40% commission. You can upgrade and claim up to 60% commission.

Now, I’ve been in 100% commission programs for my entire career as a home based entrepreneur. So why opt for 60% commissions rather than 100% commissions.

Firstly, it’s not an ‘either/or’ situation.

 I repeat this over and over again:
massive passive multiple streams of income
is where it’s at!

So let me further explain why I’m willing to accept 60% commissions over 100% commissions…

Aspire consists of access to a personal business coach, the business training videos, back end products, and other supporting material to start setting up your digital business empire.

From there, you have the opportunity to promote bigger ticket items for even larger commissions. They’re all digital products on the topics of online marketing, digital marketing, and online business.

Referral commissions are paid on three tiers. The compensation plan is outlined in detail in the Aspire training included in the $1 trial so there’s 100% transparency before you spend any real money to see if you can see yourself making money with DA.

I mentioned promoting bigger ticket items for even larger commissions…well, the way this works is that you get the benefit, as part of your membership, to leverage a coaching staff and a commission-based sales team that are part of Digital Altitude….and…THEY will do all the actual selling for you!

All you have to do is set up the system, apply the training and coaching and systematically begin scaling a completely automated business.

In Mack’s case, he was able to leverage his system to earn over $36,000 in his first 30 days, putting him atop the list of top earners during that period. Sure…Mack had an existing list to promote Digital Altitude to. So… what if it took you 6 months to have a $36K month? Or even a year? How bad would that really be?

Truth be told, the income potential with this program is what I call “Over-The-Top”. It’s all about being a product of your product and learning how to build and scale a digital marketing empire.

The key is understanding how to set up such a business system that can generate automated income on a steady and consistent basis. At the entry “Aspire” level of Digital Altitude, you get immediate access to extensive video trainings, a personal team of business coaches, a proven sales funnel design, follow-up sequences, and 24/7 support.

Only One Dollar to Get Started

The digital business system offered by Digital Altitude is on track to be “the most comprehensive digital marketing training ever.” Becoming a ‘product of your product’ is the way to go, and you can start earning commissions immediately just by applying what you learn.

Grab the Digital Altitude Aspire system now for just $1

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Grab the Digital Altitude Aspire system now for just $1

UPDATE January 1, 2017:

While Digital Altitude continues to grow as a Digital Marketing program within the high ticket industry, newer and more effective business models were launched in 2016 that ensure the success of greater numbers of ‘newbies’ to the home business industry. In late November, 2016, I began marketing efforts to promote Big Profit System. I shot this video as my initial testimonial:

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