TiDOM Review By Elite Marketing Alliance Co-Founder

I’m long overdue to share my TiDOM Review, and I promise you I’m going to keep it real. 

Yes… I am already a VIP member with TiDOM, so I’m entitled to have my own biases, but I promise to give you the whole truth…

I hope I might lend some unique insights that may help you make a decision about going forward with this particular business opportunity.

>> Note: disclaimer at bottom of the page <<

I’ve been involved in top tier sales and marketing since the early eighties and I discovered the incredible world of home based digital information direct sales in 2012 with the launch of Empower Network which was a complete dismal failure for me….along with 98% of other EN affiliates, according to their income disclosure…

Screenshot 2016-06-12 13.41.03

Do you see what I see above??? Less than 2 percent of EN affiliates are earning more than $10k/ month!!

I don’t know about you, but those seem like super low odds of making a great living in a home based business…

In 2013, I was introduced to Top Tier Direct Sales with a big ticket online program.

Now Top Tier Direct Sales is 180 degrees apart from MLM or network marketing business models. Especially true with TiDOM where your products are digital and not physical and don’t require any shipping or inventory or overhead.

The main differences between Top Tier Direct Sales & MLM / Network Marketing:

  • There is no company cutting you a commission check.
  • Your customer pays you directly
  • There is zero auto-ship requirement
  • Because of how we leverage automation, there is no need to talk to friends & family
  • You receive 100% commission on your sales, not a fraction of a percentage that gets paid out over 7 levels.
  • You are not reliant on other people in direct sales to make your money.
  • You can focus on your own marketing & sales and scale a huge business and allow the leveraged income to follow as supplementary.
  • Each sale generates a 4 to 5 figure payment directly to you as your new member’s sponsor.
  • The 1-Up compensation model, when fully understood, is the most powerful compensation plan on the planet!

So when I saw top tier direct sales, I was ALL OVER IT!

And haven’t looked back..

Back in 2013, the top tier program I was engaged in had already been tried and true for 5 years. My sponsor showed me proof that he had made over $400,000 in his first 9 months.  And promised to coach me to be able to do the same.

(Note: he was working like an absolute DOG to pull down those numbers. My priorities and your priorities may be very different than his. In my case, I was just looking for $15K a month within 6 months, but he seemed like someone that would get me there).

The lure of top tier programs is easy enough to understand
you’re able to make $3500 – $22,000 in a single day.

As a sales and marketer at heart, how could that not appeal to me or anyone who just likes big paydays, for that matter?

So, here I am – full time top tier digital marketer.  It’s taken me a few years and several programs – but crazy marketing success has really arrived for just about anyone with any sort of business sense.

There’s no “weird science” to marketing and making money from home….

  1. Turn on a proven lead generation system.

  2. Move prospects through the system.

  3. Align with those ready and able to get started.

Hopefully this simple wash-rinse-repeat ‘simple science’ will shave years of frustration off your quest for the perfect business.  

Which leads me to why you’re here:

Dana Ehrlich Reviews TiDOM Inc., A Top Tier Direct Sales Business

The word TiDOM is what’s referred to as a portmanteau – that is, a word created by combining two other words.  

A good example: chill + relax = chillax

So in TiDOM’s case: time + freedom = TiDOM.  

Jonathan Bane, the creator of TiDOM, masterminded for many months with literally THE top earners in the top tier direct sales space….including myself.

He built TiDOM from ground up by understanding the issues and problems with the other big ticket programs from the top earners themselves. He basically took all the best practices and threw out everything that didn’t work and what he ended up with is without a doubt the simplest process of earning big income…and fast.

You definitely want to watch the following vids…they tell a really good story of what’s possible with TiDOM…

TiDOM Review Video – Part 1 of 2

TiDOM Review Video – Part 2 of 2

Here’s a short list of some of Jonathan’s  innovations:

  • No monthly admin fees. No pressure learning – learn and earn without a dreaded monthly payment
  • Simple 1 up qualification.  Just sell a package and become qualified to earn on that package. From your 2nd sale and onward you will earn.
  • Call Center automates the process.  The system can market for you and then qualify your leads and close them.
  • Cutting edge marketing training .

You’ll probably enjoy hearing Johnathan and many of the top income earners in the top tier space on the TiDOM Launch Call that took place September, 2015…


Here’s the bottom line: you can make $3,500 – $22,000 using a cutting edge system.  It’s plug and play easy.

This is where I get very transparent…  

Joining TiDOM, or any other business opportunity, is not a guarantee to make you money.

When I first got into this online marketing world, I had one question: what do successful marketers do that others don’t?

After stumbling around and losing lot’s money I finally figured it out.  Here it is:

  1. You need a system. A system that makes sense, that anyone can do, and that duplicates
  2. You need lead flow.  The leads need to be highly targeted and easy to contact.
  3. You need someone with more experience to help close your sales.
  4. You need to grow and develop as a marketer.  Increasing influence will increase your bank account.

TiDOM definitely has all pieces in place – timely digital products, clean & professional website, closers, weekly calls, 24/7 support desk, plug and play simple.

I am the co-founder, along with my business partner Walter Kravchenko, of a team within TiDOM known as the Elite Marketing Alliance.  Elite Marketing Alliance has created an entire marketing system and a community unlike anything else within the top tier space. EMA is not a business, but a value added proposition – a top tier marketing system and a community that we’ve ‘wrapped’ around the TiDOM business.

You will always have access to the highest converting tools and be in the loop and surrounded by a team of successful marketers.  

Our live calls and webinars will help you close your sales.  

We’ll be that 3rd party verification that you must have to sell big ticket items.

Elite Marketing Alliance | Tidom Bonus

If you make the choice to partner with me, you will get access to our exclusive Elite Marketing Alliance training site – the value of this is priceless – almost two years of video and audio archives, scripts, all your needed recorded messages, advanced training on marketing strategies to explode your conversions.

You’ll not only get access to the Elite Marketing Alliance training library, but you’ll be able to share it with the members you bring in. This is easily a $2497 value.

Fast Action Bonus: Ahhh…well you’ll need to attend our online business presentation to find out…



And then AFTER you attend the online event, we can talk!. I’m very easy to talk to and will never hard sell you – I’ll just provide whatever it is you need to make an informed decision.

You can call me here (three one zero) 853-3138. Tip: I don’t always answer calls directly so do not hesitate to leave me a great message so I’ll be excited to speak to you!


UPDATE January 1, 2017:

While TiDOM continues to be a leader in the high ticket industry, newer and more effective business models were launched in 2016 that ensure the success of greater numbers of ‘newbies’ to the home business industry. In late November, 2016, I began marketing efforts to promote Big Profit System. I shot this video as my initial testimonial:

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